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Tin Sheds Community

An intuitive and transparent archiving system featuring innovative interactive exhibition installations for the University of Sydney's artistic organisation.

“The archives could be seen, analysed, understood and digested by the general public; and elevate the meaning of artistic creation from relational, practical, philosophical, spiritual and environmental aspects.”

Tin Sheds Community: Interactive Living Archive is aimed at stimulating public awareness and appreciation of art and humanity while re-establishing the ties between the public and cultural creators. Tin Sheds Gallery (TSG) spearheads this transformative initiative, championing the preservation of artful expressions in archives.

'Smart Stamp' is an interactive system implemented in the gallery's operations. It enables visitors to collect digital stamps in their TSG online portfolio. This technology provides a cost-effective solution for managing visitor data. It also incorporates social media functions to deliver engaging narratives from the archives, combining technology and creativity to enhance user experience.

Group 103.png
Group 103.png

In response to the significant challenges that the COVID-19 pandemic poses to the physical art industry, this speculative design projects have become crucial to revitalising cultural and artistic expression. One such project is Tin Sheds Community, which is committed to restoring cultural connections, highlighting the significance of artistic creations, and fostering greater cultural awareness in the public sphere.


Rebuild the connection between human and cultural creations


The concept of 'community‘,  

New operation mode


Transparent, published, classified archives that connect past present and future


Audiences'living archive regards to TSG

To embody the concept of 'community', the app serves as a dynamic platform, transforming the gallery from a passive exhibition space into an active organization and forum. It empowers visitors to transition from passive observers to active participants, allowing them to build connections with the gallery and become part of its evolving narrative. The project aims to personalize the experiences of individual visitors, documenting their preferences and interactions within the Tin Sheds gallery, weaving them into the ongoing story of the community.

Group 103.png
Group 103.png


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